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You Need To Get The PD Claimant To Release Your Insured Even Though The Claimant’s Carrier Paid Him Collision Loss Benefits

Can an insured, who has been compensated by his own auto insurance company for a theft loss, still bring an action against the alleged tortfeasor?  Does Nevada’s Hotel “Shield” Law, NRS 651.010 (1), protect a hotel for the loss of a car from the valet lot?  Both questions are answered in Arguello v. Sunset Station, Inc., 127 Nev. Adv. Op. 29 (2011).  In that case, plaintiff left his vehicle with the valet at the Sunset Station Hotel & Casino.  When he returned and presented his claim ticket … [Read more...]

Got Questions?

These posts on the Mills & Associates Nevada Coverage & Bad Faith Law blog are published to provide useful insights on Nevada insurance law to our clients and other subscribers. Many times the topics are suggested by recent case law, or issues raised by litigation.As part of our ongoing effort to provide both timely and helpful information, we invite all our readers to submit issues which they would like to see addressed in future blog posts.Likewise, please submit questions … [Read more...]

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Bailment in NevadaLas Vegas, Nevada has a greater proportionate share of valet services than any other large city in the county and probably the world.  Where else can you have a company park your car for free with the only expectation in return is a buck or two when your car is returned in the same condition that it left your hands.  What happens though, when the valet can’t find your car?  Or if it comes back with damage that was not there when you handed over your keys?  These are classic … [Read more...]