Strategies, Challenges, and Answers

Adjusting Claims Involving Intoxicated Insureds Can Be Complicated

In Nevada, there’s alcohol everywhere.  Or so that is what many visitors believe as they find themselves partaking in “just one more” at every stop of their visit.  Even some locals live up to the outsider’s stereotypical view of a Las Vegas resident by overdoing it a bit too often.However, like every other state, Nevada has strict laws against driving while intoxicated.  Seasoned adjusters know the many complications that can arise when dealing with a claim involving an intoxicated … [Read more...]

A Collision At the Crossroads (Part 2): The Road Of Restitution

This is Part 2 of a multi-part post comparing and contrasting Criminal Judgments of Restitution and Civil Judgments for Damages.  In Part 1, linked HERE, we outlined the topic and discussed the types of cases in which both types of awards might be received. In Part 2 we will focus primarily on the statutory basis for Criminal Judgments of Restitution and discuss how they may affect later civil cases.There are two instances when the Nevada legislature has empowered criminal courts to enter … [Read more...]

A Collision At The Crossroads Of Criminal And Civil Law: Criminal Judgments Of Restitution

The aftermath of a collision between two cars at an intersection can be horrifying.  However, determining exactly what led to the collision can be complicated.  The law is no different.  When two laws, meant to remedy the same wrong, arrive at the same intersecting spot simultaneously, conflicts are inevitable.  Finding the right legal solution to the conflicts can often prove difficult.One of those troublesome legal intersections is found at the crossroads of civil law and criminal law.  … [Read more...]