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Did You Ever Forget To Tell Your Current Insurance Company About Buying That Additional Car?

Joey Webb of State Farm writes to the Nevada Insurance Law blogs asking: "When a person purchases a new vehicle, how long are they covered for on their current policy before physically adding the new vehicle to their policy?" Thanks for the great question Joey.  Clearly, Mills & Associates is not in the business of offering advice to non-clients based on specific facts.  So we have to say that the most accurate answer is “That depends on the facts and the policy.”  When dealing with a … [Read more...]

An Auto Policy Will Cover The Insured When Driving Someone Else’s Car Unless That Car Is Available For The Insured’s “Regular Use”. Whether The Car Is Available For The Insured’s Regular Use Is Normally A Question Of Fact. But. . .

. . . EVEN THE SLIGHTEST RESTRICTION TO THE LIMITATION OF USE WILL GIVE RISE TO A DUTY TO DEFENDMost auto policies provide an insured person coverage when driving another person's vehicle with that person’s permission.  There is however an exception to that rule.  The exception is that the "non owned" vehicle must not be "available or furnished for the regular use" of the insured person.  There have been two Nevada cases that have considered this issue.  Let’s explore both.The earlier … [Read more...]