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Mills Provides Analysis Of Defense Options Available In Harry Reid Civil Injury Suit

National news organization Breitbart recently interviewed Michael C. Mills, Esq. of Mills & Associates.  In the interview, Mills provided insights regarding investigation and discovery options available to the defendants named in the personal injury suit brought by Senator Harry Reid.  In his suit, recently filed in District Court, Las Vegas, Nevada, Senator Reid alleges that he lost vision in his right eye when the exercise equipment he was using struck him.  Senator Reid has filed suit … [Read more...]

NRCP Rule 16.1 Requires Disclosure Of All Responsive Liability Insurance Policies.

In Construction Defect (CD) cases, Plaintiff attorneys regularly bring big damage claims. Thus Plaintiff CD attorneys, like many other Plaintiff attorneys, instinctively look for as much liability insurance as they can find. Just as intuitively, CD Defense attorneys know that insurance policies should have nothing to do the amount of a demand.In 2013, these differences of viewpoint gave rise to a dispute between the CD attorneys for Defendant Vanguard Piping Systems, Inc. and the attorneys … [Read more...]

Can Plaintiff Discover An Insurance Company’s Involvement In A Prior Bad Faith Suit?

Evidence that an insurance company acted in bad faith in handling a specific claim may come from a variety of sources. Plaintiff’s attorneys may argue that the way the insurance company handled other claims is evidence that it acted in bad faith in the subject case. Those attorneys may point to other bad faith suits or verdicts against the company as evidence of bad faith in the way it handled this claim. Can such evidence be discovered? Is it admissible? The Nevada Supreme Court has not spoken … [Read more...]