Strategies, Challenges, and Answers

No Bad Faith Where There Is A Reasonable Dispute As To Coverage

Gary Lewis had a minimum limits auto policy with United Automobile Insurance Company.  UAIC notified Lewis that the policy was going to lapse.  Lewis took no action and made no payment until July 10, 2007.  However that payment was made ten days after he was supposed to have sent payment according to the renewal notice and two days after Lewis hit and seriously injured minor pedestrian Cheyanne Nalder.When Cheyanne Nalder’s father sued Lewis in behalf of his daughter, UAIC did not step … [Read more...]

A Dispute As To The Value Of A UM/UIM Claim Does Not Constitute A Breach Of The Implied Covenant Of Good Faith And Fair Dealing

Insurance companies have felt the burden of the economic downturn as insured’s have reduced their liability coverage or eliminated their coverage completely. Where the coverage of  a tortfeasor is insufficient to compensate an injured party, that party often turns to his/her own insurer’s UM/UIM policy to close the gap. It is this relationship which has increasingly given rise to claims for breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, commonly referred to by Plaintiff’s counsel … [Read more...]