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Can An Injured Plaintiff Sue A Nevada Rental Car Company Along With The Negligent Rental Driver?

A tourist arrives at Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport and rents a car.  On the way to the hotel, the tourist causes an accident and injures a local driver.  The injured driver sues naming both the renter and the rental car company as defendants.  Is this proper?Of course, it depends.  If the rental car company rented the car to someone who was intoxicated or who did not furnish proof of a valid driver’s license, there may be grounds for an independent cause of action against the rental car … [Read more...]

Straight From The Annals Of “Only In Vegas”

In the last few years, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s authority has run a promotion that claims that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  When they wrote that line, I guess the Convention Authority forgot the events of 20 years ago at the “Tailhook Convention”.  Not only did the shenanigans (and worse) that transpired at that event get huge airplay and result in significant political fallout, it also generated legal opinions.For those of you who are too old or too young to … [Read more...]