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Mills & Associates Accepts Invitation To Join Council On Litigation Management

Mills & Associates is proud to announce that it has accepted the nomination to join the Council on Litigation Management.

For those unfamiliar with the organization, CLM is dedicated to improving the principles and practices of litigation management.  Members and Fellows of the Council include representatives of the insurance industry as well as nominated attorneys .

CLM logo Some of the areas of interest of the organization include Alternative Dispute Resolution, Commercial Litigation, Transportation, Premises Liability and Insurance Fraud, all good fits with Mills & Associates and its area of practice.

In addition, Michael C. Mills has also accepted the invitation to be the Nevada representative on the Council’s Insurance Bad Faith committee.  We see this affiliation as a great opportunity to share our experience in Nevada coverage and bad faith issues as well as to learn from the experience of others in the industry.  We will keep you updated with information we learn through this experience via future posts here.

As always, please let us know if you have issues that you would like raised on this blog and we will do our best to provide an accurate, timely answer.

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