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Do You Want Fries With That? Rental Car Insurance Options Beyond The Rental Car Desk

Just like in fast food, the rental car industry trains its sales agents to pitch an “add on” purchase at the “point of sale”.  But instead of selling French fries, the rental car agents try to sell you insurance.  This specialty insurance might include protection against damage to the rental car or supplemental insurance over and above the insurance that the renter already has.  Rent a car specific insurance offerings are sometimes called Collision Damage Waiver, Renter’s Liability Insurance or Supplemental Liability Insurance, each having its own unique provisions and exclusions.  But the fast food comparison begs the question, would you buy those fries at the counter if You Want Fries With That?you knew that someone standing just outside the door could offer you the same hot and tasty fries at a lower price?

Auto renters can now buy rental car insurance not at the rental point of sale, but through an agency outside the rental car company.  Competing directly with the car rental companies, and other specialty insurers give you an alternative source for rental car coverage.  In many states, those specialty insurance companies might offer an insurance package that includes not just rental car coverage, but also medical, trip cancellation / interruption, personal property and other types of coverage.  Obviously, you will have to be the one to compare the terms of coverage and the prices to find out who offers you the best deal and which arrangement is most convenient.  As Mills & Associates reported HERE the amount and types of coverage you will need depends on your personal circumstances.

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