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The Walls Of Nevada’s Dram Shop Wonderland Castle Withstand Assault

In our previous blog post, Dram Shop Wonderland, we addressed attempts that have been made over the years by Nevada lawyers to impose liability on bar, tavern and hotel owners for injuries and damages caused by their inebriated guests.  We noted that despite compelling circumstances, the courts have not imposed liability.  The court’s argument has been that if dram shop liability is to be imposed, it must be done by the Nevada legislature.It has been 13 years since the last attempt to … [Read more...]

Links To Additional Blog Posts Of Interest

On another Mills and Associates blog, we recently posted a few items which you may find of interest.For the convenience of our Nevada Coverage and Bad Faith Law Blog readers, here are the topics and links.Peremptory Challenge: When to consider and how to request a different judgeRespondeat Superior: Vicarious liability through negligent acts of employeesNegligent Hiring: Viable cause of Action in Nevada? If you have any questions related to these or other issues of Nevada law, … [Read more...]

Dram Shop Wonderland

The post "DRAM SHOP WONDERLAND" originally appearing here has been moved to the Nevada Insurance Law blog.The post may be viewed by clicking HERE.For convenience, ALL posts related to Nevada Dram Shop Law may be viewed by following this link: Nevada Dram Shop Law  … [Read more...]

Is It Constitutional To Sue Hulk Hogan For Son’s Auto Accident?

Former wrestling star Hulk Hogan is being sued in Florida for the negligent driving of his son.  A friend of his son was allegedly injured in an accident while Mr. Hogan’s son was driving his father’s car.  Florida has a law similar to Nevada which makes the owner of a car vicariously liable for injuries caused by the negligence of a family member when driving the family car.To read more about Nevada’s very broad “family purpose” law follow this link to our Nevada Insurance Law blog. … [Read more...]