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Happy Thanksgiving From Mills & Associates

All of us at Mills & Associates would like to take a moment and wish clients, family and friends (including our blog readers), a very joyous and happy Thanksgiving. 

Whether you are celebrating with a small gathering, or preparing for what is shaping up to be dinner for a small country, we wish you and yours all the very best.

Happy Thanksgiving from Mills & Associates

One, Two, Three, Four, I Declare A Thumb War

Insurance Company Process

At the outset of many games, contests and activities, there is a ritual that the contestants follow that lets all participants know that the game has begun.  On your mark, get set, go!  Lights, camera, action!  Game on!  Litigation is no different.  … [Continue reading]

Mills Provides Analysis Of Defense Options Available In Harry Reid Civil Injury Suit

Michael Mills

National news organization Breitbart recently interviewed Michael C. Mills, Esq. of Mills & Associates.  In the interview, Mills provided insights regarding investigation and discovery options available to the defendants named in the personal … [Continue reading]

Mills Graduates CLM’s Litigation Management Institute

CLM Litigation Management

The Council on Litigation Management hosts its Litigation Management Institute at Columbia Law School in New York City.  As explained in the course description, “The program is designed to bridge the gap between legal theory and litigation strategy, … [Continue reading]

Assertion Of Fifth Amendment Privilege No Excuse For Refusing An EUO

Assertion Of Fifth Amendment Privilege

On July 19, 1985, a fire damaged the Pervis' home. Mr. Pervis filed a claim with his homeowner's insurance company State Farm. However the fire was suspicious. State Farm asked for an examination under oath. But before it could go forward, the … [Continue reading]