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Auto Carriers Providing SR-22 Certificates Must Give The DMV Ten Days Notice Before Cancelling

SR-22Nevada car owners know that before you can register an automobile in Nevada, the owner will have to prove to the Department of Motor Vehicles the car is insured.  The owner usually satisfies this obligation by bringing a Proof of Insurance Card issued by a Nevada licensed insurance company to the DMV when it’s time to register the car.

In addition, the Nevada DMV can require proof of auto insurance before reinstating the suspended or revoked license of a high risk driver.  See NRS 485.3075 as an example.  If the DMV requires this type of proof, a conventional Proof of Insurance Card may not be enough.  Depending on the type of suspension or revocation, the DMV can require that driver provide a special Proof of Insurance known as an SR-22.  For example, an SR-22 Proof of Insurance will be required if the driver’s license was suspended following a DUI. Usually that SR-22 requirement will remain in place for three years.  Click Here For More Information.  This same type of SR-22 requirement applies if you allow your insurance to lapse and you don’t renew it quickly enough.  Lapsed Insurance Affidavit. [Continue reading]

Nevada Joins Club Cumis

Cumis Aggregate

In State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co. v. Hansen, No. 64484, 131 Nev. Adv. Op. 74 (Nev. 2015) the Nevada Supreme Court adopted the independent counsel model outlined by the California Court of Appeals in San Diego Federal Credit Union v. Cumis Ins. … [Continue reading]

NRCP Rule 16.1 Requires Disclosure Of All Responsive Liability Insurance Policies.

insurance policy

In Construction Defect (CD) cases, Plaintiff attorneys regularly bring big damage claims. Thus Plaintiff CD attorneys, like many other Plaintiff attorneys, instinctively look for as much liability insurance as they can find. Just as intuitively, CD … [Continue reading]

Nevada Supreme Court Upholds Verdict Finding Right-Of-Way Violator Only 25% At Fault


The traffic light at the intersection of Sahara and Fort Apache was green for east-west travel. Raymond Yeghiazarian, travelling westbound, wanted to turn left on a permissive green ball. Heading eastbound in his patrol car was LVMPD Officer Jared … [Continue reading]

The 2015 Nevada Legislature Repeals Offer of Judgment Statute NRS 17.115.

Repeal OJ

Another interesting change made by the 2015 Nevada Legislature was the repeal of Nevada's Offer of Judgment statute, NRS 17.115. This change should have little or no practical effect because every offer of judgment I have ever seen that was served in … [Continue reading]