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Using Proper Bluebook Citation When Referencing Nevada Law Blog Articles

Legal Blue BookWe gathered in the conference room of an upscale Plaintiff’s firm in Las Vegas. The attorneys exchanged their exhibits and agreed on discovery deadlines. As the meeting adjourned, the Plaintiff’s attorney turned to me and said “So let me tell you a story about your Nevada Law Blogs.” I was all ears.

He explained that a few months earlier he was facing a defense motion in an underinsured motorist suit in the Clark County District Court. The attorney explained that the Defendant’s brief was well written. But it seemed unusually familiar. The attorney said he couldn’t immediately remember where he had seen the language in the brief before. [Continue reading]

Mills & Associates Joins With Phoenix Powerhouse Bauman Loewe Witt & Maxwell


Since 1997, Mills & Associates has provided exceptional legal service to clients in Nevada, Utah and Arizona.  In an effort to expand our reach, enhance efficiency and continue to deliver the best customer service, Mills & Associates will … [Continue reading]

Accepting A Release Signed By The Attorney And Not The Claimant Presents Risks


The world is always in motion. And so are the people who inhabit it. Any more, people change homes and cars and jobs as often as they change their shirts. Plaintiffs’ attorneys occasionally encounter the problem of a lost client. They often learn … [Continue reading]

Season’s Greetings

I really enjoy this time of year.  It means that I get to spend more time with my family and splurge eating some foods that I would otherwise shun. I hope that all of the readers of the Mills Law Blogs will also be sipping something warm, eating a … [Continue reading]

Nevada’s Absolute Liability Statute Does Not Create A Third-Party Bad Faith Claim.

gold scales and hammer (background , done in 3d)

We have previously written about Saundra Torres.  She was hurt when she was involved in an auto accident with a vehicle that was insured by Nevada Direct Insurance Company. She filed suit against Nevada Direct’s insureds Perez-Castellano and … [Continue reading]